Agent Movie Ott Release Date Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More!

The Telugu thriller “Agent,” despite its eminent star cast and high-octane plot, seems to be stuck in a turbulent vortex of delays, unmet expectations, and critical dissatisfaction. Here, we dive deep into the convoluted journey of the film and its imminent digital release, exploring various facets in accordance with the most searched interrogative subheadings on Google.

When is “Agent” Releasing on SonyLIV?

Originally slated for a digital release on SonyLIV on September 29, “Agent” is now stuck in a limbo due to unforeseen legal complications between the makers and a distributor. SonyLIV had high hopes pegged on this multilingual pan-Indian venture starring Akhil Akkineni. The film, despite having hit the theatres on April 28, could not make a significant impact at the box office, leading to a pivot towards a digital release. However, with no clarity on the resolution of the legal disputes, audiences are left hanging, anticipating a new release date for this spy thriller.

Where Can Viewers Stream “Agent” Online?

Once the legal tangles are sorted out and the movie is ready for a digital release, “Agent” will be available for streaming exclusively on SonyLIV. Subscribers of this platform will have the privilege to delve into this action-packed drama. However, in this age of overflowing content and innumerable streaming platforms, whether viewers will hold their subscriptions or enthusiasm until the undisclosed release date is something to be seen.

What is the Plot of “Agent”?

“Agent” follows the riveting journey of a young boy, P. Ramakrishna, who harbors the aspiration to become a spy. Despite facing numerous rejections, his relentless spirit finds a niche in RAW, where he is assigned to unearth the malevolent plans of a villain. Ramakrishna stumbles upon a devastating virus that threatens to engulf the planet in a catastrophe. The film, with its intense storyline and intricate plot developments, promised a thrilling ride for the audiences, blending elements of suspense, action, and drama seamlessly.

Who Stars in “Agent”?

The film boasts a stellar ensemble including Akhil Akkineni in the lead, complemented by Dino Morea, Sakshi Vaidya, Vikramjeey Virk, and the Malayalam superstar Mammootty. Each actor brings their unique flavor to this concoction, promising a dynamic and multifaceted viewing experience. However, despite the star-studded cast, the film has received mixed reactions, raising questions on various elements including direction, screenplay, and overall execution.

Why Did “Agent” Receive Mixed Reviews?

After a theatrical release on April 28, “Agent,” with its budget of 80 crores, couldn’t garner sufficient box office collections to break even, leading to a digital pivot. Critics and audiences have been polarized in their opinions, with IMDb assigning a score of 4.1/10. The disparate reactions could be attributed to a myriad of reasons, including possibly unmet expectations given the high budget, the ensemble cast, and the promising plot. The film’s reception has fueled debates and discussions, making it one of the talked-about releases of the year.


“Agent,” the anticipated spy thriller, has found itself in a complex situation marked by legal troubles, delayed releases, and mixed reviews. The journey of the film, characterized by highs and lows, leaves the audience in anticipation, raising numerous questions about its future, impact, and legacy in the Indian cinema landscape. Will “Agent” overcome these hurdles and finally see the light of day on the digital platform? Only time will tell. Until then, we watch, we wait, and we wonder.

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