Ark Survival Ascended Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, More!

The gaming community is abuzz with the latest from Studio Wildcard, as the beloved Ark: Survival Evolved is set to get a significant expansion – Ark: Survival Ascended. With the release now shifted to October 2023, fans are eager to dive into the details. Let’s answer some of the most searched questions on Google about Ark: Survival Ascended.

What is Ark: Survival Ascended?

Ark: Survival Ascended isn’t just an expansion; it’s an elevation of the gaming experience. This new chapter brings enhanced graphics, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a host of new environments and creatures. Players are cast onto a mysterious prehistoric island, teeming with gigantic dinosaurs and primitive beings. The challenges? Survive the environment, hunt, gather resources, cultivate crops, advance technologies, and construct protective shelters. As if these challenges weren’t enough, players must also unlock the mysteries of the Ark, delving into the narrative behind their presence on the island.

What new features can players expect?

The expansion promises numerous features that are sure to captivate even the seasoned Ark player:

  1. New Creatures: From the commanding Mythosaur to the swift and ghostly Shadehounds, Ark: Survival Ascended introduces a diverse range of new creatures. The Starwing allows players to explore the skies, while the Frostspawn presents challenges in the colder biomes.
  2. New Map – Crystal Isles: This map isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a complex realm that challenges a player’s survival instincts. It boasts diverse biomes, each with its unique challenges, flora, and fauna. Dense jungles hide as much danger as they do treasure, and the towering mountains are an invitation to the daring.
  3. Innovative Items and Structures: From the powerful Tek Cruise Missile to the Tek Cloning Chamber, the game has added several high-tech items that can change the gameplay dynamics.
  4. Engaging Missions: The game continues its tradition of weaving narrative with gameplay, offering new missions, challenges, and explorer notes.

Which platforms will support Ark: Survival Ascended?

Players on PC can anticipate to get their replica from Steam, whilst Xbox One and PlayStation four players can flip to their respective on line shops. As for the Nintendo Switch enthusiasts, there hasn’t been any respectable affirmation on its launch for the platform. This is probably a ready game for Switch fanatics.

Why was the release of Ark: Survival Ascended postponed?

Every game development seeks to offer the best possible experience to its players. Sometimes, achieving this requires a bit more time. While the two-month delay in releasing Ark: Survival Ascended might be a disappointment for eager fans, it speaks volumes about Studio Wildcard’s commitment to quality. Given the extensive features and enhancements detailed for this expansion, the delay is understandable and promises a more polished and immersive gaming experience.

Should I invest in Ark: Survival Ascended?

For ardent fanatics of Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark: Survival Ascended is a no brainer. But even in case you’re new to the Ark universe, this expansion promises to be a complete, immersive survival sport that challenges and engages at every flip. With stunning pictures, diverse biomes, problematic gameplay, and a compelling narrative, Ark: Survival Ascended is shaping as much as be a should-have for survival game enthusiasts.

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