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Barbara Knox, a name that resonates deeply with fans of British television, is known for her iconic portrayal of Rita Tanner in the long-standing ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Born in Oldham, Lancashire, in 1933, Knox’s introduction to the world of acting began with a single episode in 1964. From this humble beginning, she soon established herself as a cornerstone of the show. The depth and humanity she brought to the role of Rita Tanner over the years, appearing in over 3,000 episodes, have made her a household name in the UK.

Her journey wasn’t always smooth. Behind the scenes, like many actors, she faced uncertainties, particularly regarding the renewal of her contract. Yet, her tenacity and love for her craft saw her remain a pivotal character, with her work earning her several awards and an MBE in 2010.

How old is Barbara Knox?

Barbara Knox’s story is one of inspiration, showcasing that age is but a number. Born on September 30, 1933, Barbara is currently 89 years old in 2023. Throughout her life, she has shown an undying passion for acting. Despite the challenges that come with age, Barbara continues to shine, captivating audiences with her enduring talent. Her journey, from her humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of British television, stands as a testament to her dedication, proving that passion knows no age.

How tall is Barbara Knox?

Barbara Knox stands at a petite 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm. While she may not have a towering presence, what she lacks in height, she more than makes up for with her immense talent. Over the decades, she has proved that true stature is measured not in inches but in the depth of one’s character and the impact one leaves on the audience.

What is Barbara Knox’s Net Worth in 2023?

The success and longevity of Barbara’s career have been accompanied by financial rewards. As of 2023, Barbara Knox boasts a net worth of $5 million. Much of this wealth stems from her long-standing role in Coronation Street, with reports suggesting she earns around £200,000 from the show. This figure not only reflects her talent but also her significance to the series. It’s an affirmation of her hard work, dedication, and the love the audience has for her character, Rita Tanner.

What is Barbara Knox’s Nationality?

Barbara Knox, with her indomitable spirit and unparalleled talent, is a proud representative of the United Kingdom. She holds British nationality and over the years, through her role as Rita Tanner, has become synonymous with British soap opera culture. Her long-standing presence on Coronation Street, a show deeply rooted in British society, further solidifies her as a shining star of British television.

Barbara Knox’s Career Highlights

The world of Coronation Street would undoubtedly be different without Barbara Knox. Starting her journey in 1964 as Rita Littlewood, she became a permanent fixture in 1972, going on to become the second longest-serving cast member. Out of the 10,700 episodes of Coronation Street, Knox has graced the screens in 3,885 of them.

Before her monumental success on television, Barbara held various roles, from a Post Office telegraphist to jobs in offices, shops, and factories. Her transition to acting began with the Oldham repertory theater, laying the foundation for her iconic role in Coronation Street.

Barbara Knox’s Awards and Achievements

Barbara Knox’s extensive career is adorned with numerous accolades that recognize her exceptional contribution to British television. From the Best Actress award at the TV Times and Oracle Teletext awards in 1989 to the Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards in 2004, Barbara’s talent has been celebrated time and again. Her on-screen partnerships have not gone unnoticed either, earning her the Best On-Screen Partnership at the British Soap Awards in 2006. Among her most prestigious recognitions is the MBE, awarded in 2010 for her unparalleled contribution to drama and entertainment.

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