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Keefe D, also known by his birth name Duane Keith Davis, was born on June 14, 1963, in Compton, California, United States. He is renowned as an American member of the notorious California-based gang, The South Side Compton Crips. Growing up in Compton, he was accustomed to the tough life of gangs, crime, and street loyalty.

What is Keefe D’s Connection with Tupac Shakur’s Murder?

The murder of the iconic rapper Tupac Shakur is a topic of intrigue that has persisted for years. Keefe D’s involvement in this matter has been the subject of speculation and recently, of confirmation. On the fateful night of September 7th, 1996, after a scuffle at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas involving Tupac and Orlando Anderson (Keefe D’s nephew), Tupac was brutally gunned down. Though Anderson initially denied any involvement, the streets were filled with whispers of his confession. Unfortunately, the official story would remain untold as Anderson himself was killed in 1998 in another gang-related incident. It wasn’t until 2018 that Keefe D broke the silence. Facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, he admitted to being in the car from which the shots were fired that killed Tupac. However, even in this confession, he protected some identities, only confirming Orlando Anderson as the shooter.

Was Keefe D Arrested for Tupac’s Murder?

Yes, on September 29, 2023, decades after the tragic incident, Keefe D was arrested in connection with Tupac’s murder. This arrest came after law enforcement raided a house owned by Keefe D’s wife, seeking more evidence related to Tupac’s killing. The decision to arrest Keefe D, after so many years, signified a major turning point in the long-standing investigation.

Who are Keefe D’s Family Members?

Keefe D’s personal life remains as enigmatic as his involvement in Tupac’s death. He is married to Paula Clemon, and the couple has been blessed with children. Despite his controversial life, it’s evident that family plays a significant role in Keefe D’s life. The extent of their knowledge or involvement in his activities, if any, remains undisclosed.

How Much is Keefe D’s Net Worth?

Estimating the net worth of someone involved in illicit activities can be challenging due to the secretive nature of their financial transactions. As of now, Keefe D’s net worth remains unknown. His long-standing involvement in gang activities might suggest a significant accumulation of wealth, but the exact figures or assets remain a mystery.


The life of Keefe D intertwines with some of the most debated incidents in rap history. From his early days in Compton to the tragic night in Las Vegas, Keefe D’s story offers a deep dive into the complexities of street life, loyalty, and the long-standing East Coast-West Coast rap feud.

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